Some practitioners hang their hat on the ABC model of behaviour based safety.

At Gilbertson Shaw we take a different approach. We understand Antecedents, Behaviours and Consequences but, we go a little further into a four stage approach.

Stage one: management education – how often following an accident do you hear managers say “it’s behavioural”? We educate managers in the field of behavioural science to allow their thinking to go beyond the pointing of a finger.

Stage two: eradication of unsafe conditions, so we may begin to break the accident chain.

Stage three: supervisor training – our experience tells us that supervisors have been excellent ‘on the tools’ but may find interactions and interventions a little more difficult. Our supervisory training centred on techniques of observation and correction assist supervisors to effectively prevent unsafe acts.

Stage four: operatives training – Gilbertson Shaw has considerable experience in opening eyes to possibilities and therefore influencing behaviour.

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